The IAFHH Mission

To empower women’s health professionals with mastery in functional hormone health so that collectively, we can transform how female bodies receive healthcare all over the world.

Our Story

What started as a passion for reproductive health care, we have since evolved to become a source of empowerment for women’s health professionals all over the world. 

Today, we stand as the voice of authority on the most up-to-date education in functional hormone health and provide practitioners with innovative, compassionate, and reliable solutions to women’s health issues.

Not all education for women’s health professionals is created equal! 

The International Association for Functional Hormone Health takes an innovative approach to educate our students. 

We combine the best of cutting-edge research on hormone health with ample mentorship on how to apply this information to a variety of specialties. 

Whether you come from a background in nutrition, herbalism, fertility awareness, prenatal care, or clinical settings, IAFHH will provide you with revolutionary approaches to improving the health of your female clients and patients. 

IAFHH Overview

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Our Founder,
Ashe Milkovic

Ashe Milkovic, NTP, IC-FHS, FBCS is the visionary behind IAFHH, where she serves this community by making advancement in functional hormone health accessible for women’s health professionals everywhere.  

Long before the benefits of hormone health became publicly known, Ashe had her nose in a book expanding her knowledge of functional approaches to improving the health and vibrancy for individuals with female bodies.

She harnessed her passion for teaching, research-based education, and revolutionizing women’s health to create what we know today as The International Association for Functional Hormone Health and The IAFHH Functional Hormone Specialist Certification Program.

meet our team

Sarah Bouse

Elizabeth Cody

FNTP, IC-FHS, RWP — IAFHH Mentor & Advanced Practitioner


IAFFH Research Analyst & Curriculum Advisor


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Sarah Bouse is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and High-Performance Consultant that specializes in supporting high-achieving women to optimize their performance through holistic hormone health. 

With a focus on helping impact-driven women restore their energy and vibrancy, as well as educating women’s health practitioners to develop their skills for client relationship building, Sarah works with as IAFHH a Mentor and Advanced Practitioner.

Sarah Bouse

FNTP, IC- FHS, RWP — IAFHH Mentor & Advanced Practitioner


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Elizabeth Cody obtained her Bachelors of Arts and Sciences at McGill University, in Montreal, QC and has continued her research career through work with the Nebraska Center for Virology, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the University of Nebraska Food Science Department. 

With over a decade of research and education experience in the areas of ecology and evolution, inflammation and immune regulation, the microbiome, and diet and metabolism, she now collaborates with IAFHH as the Research Consultant and Curriculum Advisor to help review the latest research and locate resources that address current questions about functional hormonal health.

Elizabeth Cody

IAFFH Research Laison & Communications Manager


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Instilling real change in the world boils down not only to what you know but also who you know. We connect you with the most brilliant minds in the world of women’s holistic health so that you can expand your network and collaborate with your peers.


Our Core Values

The women of this world deserve access to improved healthcare. We empower you with the tools and opportunities you need to be of service to your community as we transform healthcare for women all across the globe.  

Be of Service

As a community of hormone health specialists, we have a deep appreciation, fascination, and honor for the female body. By joining our mission, you are telling the world that you too are dedicated to enhancing the health of women everywhere.


We honor the practitioner you’re becoming, and are here to guide you as you become the go-to functional hormone expert in your community. We lead by example so you have a guide, mentor, and support system to depend upon as you embark on your journey. 


It’s our responsibility to always have our client’s best health interests in mind, which means we need to be receptive to modern research and the evolution of science. We are here to support you so that, together, we can innovate the way women receive healthcare all over the world.



To be in full service to our clients, we need to be willing and able to mold our approaches with the ever-evolving nature of evidence-based research. Our goal is to make learning the research simple, fun, and empowering so you can spend your energy changing the world one client at a time.