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Meet Liz Cody, Our Research Analyst & Curriculum Advisor

May 30, 2022

Hi, I’m Liz Cody! 

Over the past 15 years, I have explored the roles of researcher, educator, specialist, and medical professional and contributed to publications in numerous peer-reviewed journals. After following my passions across multiple countries and continents, I remain excited to see what the next 15 years will bring. 

Even at a young age, I was fascinated by books about the human body and the natural world. I became especially interested in understanding Narcolepsy, a health condition that profoundly impacts the physical and mental well-being of sufferers, including my father. I also credit my persistence and success as a researcher to my mom, who has tackled the challenges of being a single parent, working, and studying to earn a degree in communication and journalism. From her, I learned to ask questions, explore new perspectives, advocate for myself and others, and build lasting relationships.

I received my Bachelors of Arts and Sciences from McGill University in Quebec, Canada, where I majored in Cognitive Science and minored in Molecular Biology and Spanish. My areas of research have included ecology and evolution, inflammation and immune regulation, the microbiome, and diet and metabolism. 

After returning to Nebraska, I joined a research lab at the Nebraska Center for Virology that studied immune responses to viral infections such as influenza.  This work led to a collaborative research initiative with a lab at the University of Nebraska Medical Center that looked at immune responses to acute infection and how these events can trigger inflammatory responses that damage vital organs such as the brain.  I have also taught human anatomy and pursued additional training in reproductive physiology, including practices and techniques used to manage livestock reproduction.

Through my work within the School of Biological Sciences and the University of Food Science Department, I have collaborated with researchers from around the world to study the composition and function of the gut microbiota and how diet and microbial factors influence host metabolism and immune responses. 

As an educator, I encourage others to engage deeply with their world and to ask questions about the processes happening around them and within their own body. I have enjoyed working with the Nebraska State Museum, Morrill Hall, to deliver interactive content that let kids and teenagers explore the subject of gut parasites. 

Throughout my career, I have remained involved in efforts to support community health and women’s access to health and education as a volunteer, and as a trained EMT and wilderness first responder. I have spent a decade empowering young women ages 11-18 through guided wilderness trips. Through my work as a doula, I have witnessed the incredible strength of women and babies and I have also shared in the adventures of parenting with my partner and his 3 sons.  My experiences have taught me that women in every community and every stage of life should have access to high quality education, health care and individual support.

My decision to partner with IAFHH has been an easy one, built on a long history of positive experiences with Ashe Milkovic. First, as a community educator and friend, and more recently in her role as a functional nutritional therapist and professional educator. During the pandemic, I consulted with Ashe about my own health goals.  Ashe’s 1-on-1 approach was empowering, comprehensive, and helped me to embrace tools and perspectives that have had long-lasting positive impacts on my personal health and well-being. As a result, I’ve been able to embody my work with greater clarity and joy.

As a graduate of the IAFHH Functional Hormone Specialist Certification Program, I greatly enjoyed deepening my knowledge of hormonal health alongside women’s health professionals from around the world. Through my position as the IAFHH Research Analyst and Curriculum Advisor, I am excited to continue to learn from, engage with, and support a widening circle of educators, researchers, and health professionals within the IAFHH community.

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Liz Cody, IAFHH Research Analyst & Curriculum Advisor

Liz obtained her Bachelors of Arts and Sciences at McGill University, in Montreal, QC and has continued her research career through work with the Nebraska Center for Virology, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the University of Nebraska Food Science Department. With over a decade of research and education experience in the areas of ecology and evolution, inflammation and immune regulation, the microbiome, and diet and metabolism, she now collaborates with IAFHH to help review the latest research and locate resources that address current questions about functional hormonal health.

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