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Graduate Interview: Autumn Eastman

November 30, 2022

This interview will provide you an inside look at what it’s like to be a student in the IAFHH Functional Hormone Specialist Certification Program and the benefit of becoming an IC-FHS from the perspective of graduate, Autumn Eastman, FAE, IC-FHS

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Interview Transcript:

Ashe Milkovic (00:00):

Thank you for being here. Can you please share with me what was your overall experience in the program like?

Autumn Eastman (00:08):

Oh my gosh. I think the main thing that my experience was, was really a full send. Like, a full deep dive into really understanding reproductive health and hormones and holistic wellbeing. Having so much more of an in-depth understanding of all of those different systems that are connected and how to work in all of those systems to support people’s health.

It was really that deep dive that I was looking for coming out of being in fertility awareness education. I just felt like I had this superficial understanding of how to support somebody. Especially if I saw something in their chart that I thought may need addressing. So yeah, taking your course and getting to learn all that background understanding and really feeling more equipped to support people has been everything for me.

Autumn Eastman (01:14):
I don’t think I really understood how much… I knew I would learn coming into this course, but I don’t think I was prepared for how much I’d actually learn. This course is so jam-packed in the best way. Yeah, I mean, I came into this really [with a] basic understanding of hormones, a basic understanding of reproductive health, and what I could glean from a chart.

I had come in with so much of my own research. Which coming into the course I realized was so minimal compared to everything that I learned. I was like, oh my gosh, I’m so glad I made the investment because I would’ve spent so much time trying to learn all of this on my own through books and through my own research. And it’s just like, there’s so much to sift through. So having kind of this one-stop shop to really like, okay, I’m cutting away all the fat, I’m really getting to the meat of what is here and what I need to know. That was so helpful.

Ashe Milkovic (02:17):

So what would you say to somebody who may be on the fence about joining the program?

Autumn Eastman (02:24):

I know I was on the fence mainly because of the price and being afraid of investing so much in my education and knowledge. So I literally think I spent two weeks with it in the back of my head. Being like, I know this is something that would benefit me so much and I know that this is something that I’ve been wanting.

I’d been wanting to find this perfect program that could give me all the information and knowledge that I’ve just been trying to sift through on my own. And I was just like, oh, but it’s, you know, it’s just this investment. One day I was just like, no, it’s just something that I know that I need and I really want and I’m just gonna make it happen. Really it was just knowing that investing myself is never gonna be a bad decision. Especially if it’s something in my heart that I know that I’m wanting and it’s calling me to expand my knowledge and my practice in this way. I would say don’t think about it anymore. Just go for it.

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